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Foundation Echo Feedback


April 2019:

"Great Course"

"very enjoyable with great explanations"

"Loved the analogies to simplify difficult concepts"

November 2018:

"Perfect Course!!"

"Very good and Excellent"

"Covered everything i needed to know"

July 2017:

“Extremely Useful, effectively covered all key aspects of echo in a short time”

“Super Helpful”

“Great Course”


April 2017:

"Great Course"


November 2016:

"Easy to understand"

"Great visual presentations"

"Dr Heatlie is an excellent teacher"

"Best course I have been on!"


July 2016:


“Great Course”

“Will recommend to everyone”

“Dr Heatlie’s teaching style is most engaging”


April 2016:

“Excellent course” - multiple times

“Engaging presentors”

“Very enjoyable”



November 2015:

“Outstanding course”

“First time I have enjoyed or understood physics”



July 2015: 

“Excellent course”

“Well organised”

“Dr Heatlie is an outstanding teacher”



April 2015:

“Excellent course. Wonderful teaching”

“Perfect mix of theory and practical”

“Well organised. great speakers and a good venue”

“Excellent course. Can't wait to get back and start echoing”


November 2014:


“Watch timing of practical sessions as some candidates don’t get to scan”

“Very well organised and pitched at right level”

“Excellent course – good mixture of didactic and practical teaching”

“Overall very good”



July 2014:

“Very well organised with good speakers”

“Good hands-on practice”

“A fantastic course”


“Excellent, really helpful faculty”



April 2014:

“Excellent, thanks”

“Very well explained: made difficult concepts easy to understand”

“Very well organised: thoroughly enjoyed the sessions by Dr Heatlie”

“Very good learning environment, never felt bad for making mistakes and learning from them”

“Would highly recommend”



“Excellent introductory course”

“Very good course” (multiple times)

“Good opportunity to practice”

“Engaging speakers and presentations, approachable faculty”

“This is the best course I have ever been on!”





“Fantastic Presenters”

“Grant Heatlie a natural teacher, simplifying very complex topics very well”

“Excellent course” - multiple times

“Motivated me to go ahead and expand my knowledge and practice echo”

“Enjoyed the 3 days very much”

“Excellent faculty”

BSE Exam Prep Course Feedback

bse prep


"Great Course"

"Brilliant, clear and informative explanations"

"Excellently engaging talks, amazing to the point explanations, extremely helpful"


"Extremely comprehensive and very knowledgable"

"This has transformed my Echo knowledge tremendously"


“Very glad I attended”

“Much clearer idea of what to expect”

“Now I know what I don't know!”

“Really good content and great Speaker” 

“Best speaker on Physics and Echo I have heard”

“Most interesting and captivating course I have been on”

“A must attend course”



“Very good course”

“Very Intense”

“Excellent organised course, learnt lots of key points, smoothly run,worth every penny”

“Presenting skills are excellent”

“Best course I have ever been on”




“Excellent Preparation for the exam”

“Enthusistic and great teaching”

“Excellent learning experience”

“Great Course” - multiple times

“Level of presentation just right”

“Provides excellent insight into how the exam works and how to spot exam 'trip-ups'”

“Excellent enthusiastic presentation”





“Excellent teacher, held my interest”

“The lecturing style was engaging and the imagery useful for remembering”

“Excellent, very useful course” - multiple times

“Very informative”

“Very insightful course to prepare for the BSE”

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