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Stress Echocardiography - A One Day Primer

4 Stages of a Stress Echo

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Stress Echocardiography is of increasing importance as a safe and cost effective technique, particularly since the introduction of the recent NICE guidance for the management of chest pain.


This one day course will cover all aspects of providing a stress echo service. Topics will include:


  1. Evidence behind the technique

  2. Choice of stressor and stress protocol

  3. Use of contrast

  4. Stress Echo in ischaemic heart disease

  5. Stress Echo in Heart Failure

  6. Stress Echo in Valve disease

  7. Perfusion Stress Echo

  8. Quantification of stress echo

  9. The role of 4D in stress echo

  10. Tips for setting up your service

  11. Sonographer led stress echo

  12. .......and lots of cases

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