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The original  Exam Preparation Course

Why MidlandsEcho Exam Revision Course?
1. Greater than 90% first time pass rate
2. Lots of post course support via Whats App group
3. 4 mock exams to practice at home
4. A great track record - Established 12 Years
5. Endorsed by the BSE

27 - 28 September 2024

TTE Exam Prep Course
Taking place online via Zoom
Registration Open
Attend either or both days
Day 1: Revision Masterclass
Day 2: Exam Preparation

BSE EXAM DATE: 23 October 2024

4 Complete Mock Examinations for day 2 participants to do at home

Commentary and explanations for the 'take home' exams

Additional email support for candidates in the run up to the exam

Attend the course for free a second time if you don't pass the exam*

An intensive two day preparation course immediately prior to the transthoracic accreditation examination.


The faculty includes experienced BSE examiners.


Day 1:


The first day consists of a series of mini revision masterclasses on the most important topics relevant to the BSE examination. Each of these last around 30 minutes and the key points in the syllabus are covered. The slides from each masterclass are available in advance to download.


Day 2:


The second day is centered around two complete mock examinations, including video cases.  There is sufficient time for discussion of each question and most of the BSE syllabus will be covered in this format.

We will discuss relevant exam technique in addition to the exploring the BSE examination structure in detail.


Three complete mock examinations are available to participants on day 2 to take home. These are not the same as those used on the course and have different questions and video cases.



Either one or both days may be attended as individual candidates wish.


We have feedback from 85% of the participants in recent preparation days.

Of these, 93% passed the exam.

*This offer is valid at the next course at the same venue only.

Please note that no recording is permitted.

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